When my wife and I got married, our maid-of-honour gave us this advice: “Never go to bed angry, and if you’re going to fight, fight naked.”

We agreed early in our relationship that we would be sure to communicate to each-other and not hide feelings or hold back frustrations. So far we’ve only had a couple of fights, but I’ve yet to find myself locked out on the front doorstep in the buff.

I recently read an article about a cool idea you could add to your wedding day – a Wine & Love Letter Box. The idea is simple, you each write a love letter to each-other and seal it. You get a bottle of wine (spring for a nice one) and two wine glasses. Then at your ceremony or reception, you and your new husband / wife get out a hammer and nails to seal the box with the wine, glasses and letters inside. Later in your marriage if you hit a rough patch or an anniversary (you decide in advance), you open the box and remember how you both felt before your wedding day.

Pretty cool way to remember your anniversary or diffuse a fight. 😉