The first dance is a time-honoured tradition, the newlyweds step onto the dancefloor together for their first dance as a married couple. In a day filled with pressure to look good and smile, having to present yourselves as graceful can sometimes be overwhelming. Don’t step on toes, don’t step on the dress, twirl, look at him, look at her, look at the camera… there is a lot going on and it’s not just the dancing that will leave your head spinning! Thankfully, talented vendors can assist you in making this part of your day stress-free. The DJ can help you with your song selection to find something meaningful and appropriate – as well as edit the song down to a shorter version. The photographer can tell you where to look and what kind of shots they’d like to get before the dance starts. A dress maker can tailor your gown to facilitate your footwork. And a choreographer can make you look like you’ve been a dancer for years.


Virtually every wedding I’ve ever DJ’d has had a first dance, and while all of them are memorable, the ones that stand out are the ones where the couple had a choreographer assist them. I don’t often get to meet the choreographers as they’re almost exclusively pre-wedding. Last week at a wedding vendor meet-up, I was fortunate enough to meet one. Delphine Leroux is the co-director at First Dance Vancouver, where they can help you with your first dance, proposal flash-mobs, special entrances, a fancy sashay down the aisle or even bachelorette party dance classes! Go and check out their newly redesigned website and give them a call.

Why not wow your guests with a truly remarkable first dance, because you only get one.