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How much do you charge?
This is the number one question I’m asked – how much? I don’t have cookie-cutter packages, or a blanket pricing structure. Because every event is unique, my pricing is tailored to your event and your budget. Please call to discuss the specifics for your event and I would be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.
What about add-ons or additional charges?

What is it you’d like to add? In our planning meetings we can determine what you need and don’t need for your wedding so there’s never any surprises in my pricing, and no need for unnecessary extras. I’ll handle all the technical requirements – I like to take the worry out of the details and provide the best service for your needs.

Do you provide a written contract?
Some DJ businesses will give you their word, but my clients all have access to an online client portal to view and sign their contract, plus any forms pertaining to the event details. We’re both aware of any changes or updates made by either party, and it’s in writing!
What is a 'client site'?
Through my online tools, I create a mini client website where you will have access to your contract, as well as invoicing and payment information, plus questionnaires to help keep track of all your event’s important details. No more looking through emails to see if that change to the first dance was received!
Are you insured?
Absolutely. I carry $2m in liability insurance for peace-of-mind (yours and mine).
What kinds of events do you book?
I’ve performed for weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, school dances, reunions, nightclubs, gallery openings, fashion shows, open houses, fitness centres and even non-profit events, for parties as small as 10 and as large as 2000, with guests ages 0 to 100. I’ve even been on stage in front of 35,000 people, so large crowds aren’t a worry either. I want to make sure I’m the right DJ for your event, which is why I like to meet potential clients in-person to discuss their needs before booking.
Who will be the DJ at my event?
I will!

Many large DJ services will sell your event a system, not a DJ, in many cases you won’t meet your DJ is until they show up to play at your event. With Tall Music, when you first call or email, you’ll speak with me. I like to arrange an in-person meeting before booking as I feel the person you hire to provide your event entertainment is just as important as the price, and I want to make sure you’re comfortable with me before hiring me.

I also don’t sub-contract. If I’m booked the date of your event, I won’t tell you I’m available and hire out another DJ. I book only one event per day so I can focus on your event. I become personally invested in making your event a success from start to finish.

Do you have any referrals?
You can read many reviews on WeddingWire.ca, or if you’d prefer to speak with one of my past clients directly, I can arrange that for you.
How extensive is your music collection?
I carry a huge number of songs from a wide range of musical styles with me to all events so I can play to the crowd no matter their taste. I subscribe to monthly music services so I always have current (licensed) music with me. If I don’t have a specific song I’ll do my best to track it down for you!

Remember, having a collection of ten-thousand, fifty-thousand or a million songs is no good if the DJ can’t pick the best song for the situation.

Do you have a music database I can browse?

I don’t keep an online listing of my music because my music collection is ever changing. We can discuss special requests before your event and obtain any “must hear” songs I don’t already have.

Can I give you my mobile so you can play my favourite song?
I prefer not to play music from a guest’s device as there is no guarantee as to the audio quality. I will always try to fill your request-list with songs from my collection first. It may sound decent on your phone’s tiny speaker, but the audio quality of a YouTube video is not really adequate for playback over a large PA system. Plus, it’s illegal for me to play content from YouTube in a performance.
What about requests from guests?

In advance of the event, I use an awesome web & app-based tool for collecting not only the special songs, but general dancing requests from you and your guests. All it takes is a tap to add a song from my recommendations or even your Spotify playlists. You can even mark songs as a “must play” or a “do not play.”

As for day-of requests, I’m happy to try and accommodate any that come my way. Uncle Joe may have a great knowledge of 60’s rock (and there are some great 60’s rock songs!), but his requests may not fit in with the flow of your event. I’ll use my judgement and experience to place requests into the mix.

Can I give you a 'do-not-play' list?
There may be a song you may not want to hear which has a specific emotional tie for yourself, a family member or guest, and I will certainly accommodate those requests. If you simply don’t want to hear the Macarena, that’s okay – I understand your hesitation. I can discuss with you the best way to handle these kinds of songs and what we can do for requests from your guests.
Is it possible to get a recording of the music played at my event?
I would love for you to be able to relive the party over and over again, unfortunately I can not legally make or distribute a recording of the music, even if it’s for your private use. However, with prior arrangement, I am able to record speeches and toasts for you.
Do you have any recordings of your mixes so I can hear them?
Unfortunately I don’t as I would have to contact all the license-holders for permission (or pay them) in order to use their songs for my promotional material. Besides, a mix from someone else’s event won’t accurately reflect the songs I may play at your event! Each crowd is unique and I use my skills to read the crowd and pick songs that will set the mood or make them dance.
What kind of equipment do you use?
I use equipment from industry leading manufacturers. I won’t bore you with the details like the number of watts because that’s not important to you. What IS important is that my equipment looks good, sounds good and performs well. I always make sure to have the appropriate amount of equipment so I’m not under or over-powering your guests. And hey, if you’re as big a tech-geek as I am, I can give you the full details and even teach you how to use it! ?
Do you carry a backup?
Even though I use the best equipment, I have to be prepared for the unthinkable, so yes, I bring backups to every event. If something does fail, I’ll ensure the music doesn’t skip a beat.
Do you use lights / fog?

Some clients want their event to look like a night club, others simply desire a classy touch of uplighting to give ambiance to the room. Lighting can add energy and encourage your guests to dance, but every event is unique and will call for different options. Let’s talk about your vision to find the appropriate lighting solution to complete your event.

Regarding fog / haze, I don’t often use it because of its stigma of triggering allergies or setting off smoke alarms. When I do, I only use water-based atmospherics which are not only very light in the air (almost invisible until the light hits them!), but are odourless and hypoallergenic. They can really make the lights shine (pun intended).